Thursday, January 3, 2013



                                                                   Rolling Easter Eggs

                                                        Working in the backyard with dad.

                                                                    Hayden can wink!!
                                                                      Swimming Lessons

                                                               Rodeo with Aunt Amanda
                                                             Swimming with Dad and Riley.
                                        Hayden loves to jump on the tramp at Grandma's house.

                                                                            4th of July

                                                                   Ride on the Mountain
                                                                      Playing in the mud.


                                                                    Hayden with Aunt Stef
                                                              Hayden with Uncle Rayne
                                                                            Hoagle Zoo

                                                            24th of July with Grandpa


                                                                   Our first camping trip.

                                                                       Iron County Fair

                                                                  Hayden's First Rodeo

                                                                   The Pumpkin Patch

                                         The Pumpkin Patch cousins Riley, Payton and Hayes.
                                                 The Pumpkin Patch with Grandma's school.

                                                           Hayden's first ice cream cone.

                                                                     Halloween 1st Place

                                                         I want to play hockey like my dad.
                                                                       Halloween Night
                                                                 Ward Party with Santa
                                                                      Santa at the Mall

                                Christmas Party Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
                                            Grandma made pajamas for all of the grandkids.

                                                                     Horse from Santa.
                                                                 Cricket from Grandpa.
                                   Christmas Party at Great Grandpa and Grandma Dewey's House.